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  • Trades of Interest which is 5 of those odd trades daily highlighted to a deeper level with charts and past trades on the ticker out of my database with a potential way to play it.

  • On the weekends I post a deep dive with a best idea based on options flow with charts and more. During earnings season, I also post all the unusual trades from my database along with the accompanying calendar for the week so you will see all the odd trades I’ve logged before they report earnings to help you guide your decision making

So why should you subscribe?

There’s an order flow to the market that most retail investors do not understand. The focus is always on fundamentals, having focused on this throughout my career I can vehemently tell you that fundamentals are last on the totem pole in terms of importance. There is an order that dictates direction and it starts with options flows, then come charts, and then come fundamentals. Why? Because 90% of the market is computers trading and they trade off triggers and those triggers are the moving averages we see in charts. Charts in their simplest form are visual representations of buying and selling. We want to be in things being bought, if you do that, markets are a lot less painful.

Why the option flows? Because you want to know what big money is doing right? While most investors focus on 13-f releases which are months after the buy, I note the unusual options activity daily, and even live for those who want that. It’s uncanny how equities move after big players make these trades. In every daily recap I go over what recent trades I noted that worked out. So I take a unique approach that I developed in my career where we look at what options flow are happening and combine it with technical analysis to give an edge on the direction of a trade. That’s it. I’m taking all the available data available to me and trying to give you the best trade opportunities around based on what bigger players are betting on.

This is a good product, I’m now one of the top 25 Finance Substacks. I have a unique method that I developed over time and I’m not sure anything similar to this approach is out there. This methodology helped me find direction on names while looking for an edge. I’ve taken a fairly complex and difficult to understand topic like options data and organized it in a manner that removes all the hard work while highlighting the best trades daily to simplify your life in a simple recap.

Also you should subscribe because I’m honest, while everyone else is posting their excel spreadsheet gains, I post my trades and gains straight from my book. When I execute a trade you can see the size in the volume on the option. I don’t make trades often but when I do they come with a deep insight on the how and why. Aside from that, I’ve posted all my real returns from day 1 where I’ve outperformed the market by almost 10x as of today May 14,2024 since I began writing this substack in June of 2022 as you can see below. I’m not perfect I do occasionally lose too as you can see below, but I always manage to learn from my mistakes and right the ship quickly. We went through a really rough patch when I started writing before the great 2023 we just had but I always managed to find trades that worked utilizing my own method of digging through the options data to find the trending names that I share with you all daily.

And now since the start of 2024, you all have access to my database so you can search and do your own research at your own leisure. This was a big undertaking for me and I’m glad it has finally become available for all of you to use.

Aside from all the above, the community alone that has been built around this substack is incredible. You will get a welcome email when you sign up, it includes access to a discord server where you have some of the biggest names on Twitter along with many finance professionals bouncing ideas in multiple channels. There are over 700 active daily users and it has become one of the best corners of finance on the internet. Lots of the people you know off fintwit are in there. You can ask questions from some of the best traders around. You can watch what they’re doing as they post their trades, you can discuss specific companies in their specific channels, and it is quickly growing with new members daily.

For those who seek even more, there is a live channel in the discord that is for those who choose that option on when they’re subscribing here upon checkout. It provides everything you get in the recap but in real time for the active trader who wants to capture moves as the options data is coming in. This has its own discussion area within the discord with a lot of great traders looking over and attacking the data.

Overall you’re gaining access to over 100 trades a month that I highlight individually, in total you’re getting over 2,000+ unusual options trades a month. On weekends you get a deeper dive into a best idea that I highlight based off charts and option flow. Whether you’re an active trader or a passive investor, understanding trends on what big money is doing in the markets matters. Options flow dictates the moves you see, big funds position themselves in trades through the options market and nobody highlights the trades the way that I do. I’m constantly adding new functionality and I am light years ahead of where I was when this began almost 2 years ago in terms of user experience and it’s getting better by the month.

In the end there is a free trial, give it a go, you have nothing to lose.

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